Thursday, October 7, 2010

I am a SDA for C&T Publishing.

i create treasures

San Antonio is filled with artists and culture of the Hispanic influences. I  recently re - married into a wonderfully loving Hispanic family. Being raised in San Antonio,  I have come to love the bold and colorful art of this culture, many are of the Day of the Dead. ( Dia del los Muertos), as well as theme based art for everyday life. Family is extremely important to the Hispanic culture, scrapbooks, shadow boxes, and tributes to the families ancestors, matriarchs, and patriarchs are very prevalent and most sought out. San Antonio also has a great humor that incorporates into clothing and accessories, by the way of mixed media on these items.

So, I am honored to be chosen to demonstrate C&T Publishing's books and wonderful products in the San Antonio / South Texas area.

In the next few months,  I hope to share with you on this blog some mini demonstrations of  new products in very new ways, one of my first goals will be showing you a preview of class I will be offering.

In the actual class,  I will show how to design  projects for the celebration of a girl's fifteenth birthday. The QuinceaƱera. This birthday is celebrated  very differently from other birthdays, as it marks the transition from girl to woman, and indicates that the girl has reached a higher level of maturity. Within my plans, I see family information, photos and memorabilia on beautiful wall hangings or scrapbooks that will be passed among grandparents, sisters, cousins and other family members that each in turn will add their own memory or embellishment to the chosen item. This cooperative gift will represent the young lady's journey from childhood to womanhood .

Stay tuned!