All women are Working Women. Whether you slave 8 to 5, 12 to 12 or are a 24/7 stay at home Mom, Gramma or even self employed. You are a Working Woman! Never shortchange yourself, just because you don’t leave your house to work. I have been both and believe you me, there is NO difference.
My product labels and signs say my designs are geared for the Working Woman. I recently had a woman admiring my jewelry at a craft fair. She suddenly put the item she was looking at down as if it was burning her hand! I asked her what was the matter, she stated, ” I am a house wife.” Your items say they are for the Working Woman. I asked her, ‘So you can’t ever want to have a little something pretty or nice to wear?” She stated, ” Oh, no I don’t work!”  I asked her if she cleaned, cooked, shopped etc., She said, ” yes.” I asked her if she was tired at the end of the day and when she went to bed, did she still feel like something wasn’t finished? She said, ” Oh, yes!”  I told she was a WORKING WOMAN, and she was  in the WARRIOR class, most high above others!  She smiled and picked the earrings back up and admired them some more, then she smiled at her husband and sighed.  She did not buy that day, but she did seem to have a little more spring in her step as I watched her walk off.
No, I did not make a sale then, but I did make a Working Woman become alive!