Get to The Point... An Artsy - Eatsy Kinda Place!

A dear friend, and her partner are opening a new Food Trailer Park business in Leon Springs, Texas this spring!

This trendy new concept is unique for our area as they will also be offering space to artisans to display their work in a small somewhat historic home that will be converted into galleries and tiny shops, and I intend to be there! With bells on!

Here is a little description from their website:

What's the Point???

We love food from a mobile truck, Art  & Craft Fairs, and family friendly events. We felt what was needed, was a place to showcase how amazing mobile trailer food, Arts & Crafts can be, all in one location!

Our concept is a neighborhood place where you can bring the family, view or support local artists, hang out with
friends, have a beverage or two and just enjoy some good eats!

"The Point Park & Eats" is it!

We will be introducing the mobile food truck experience made popular in Austin, Seattle and Los Angeles to the heart of Leon Springs, Texas. Mobile food truck chefs will showcase a wide range of culinary treats from Mexican Street Food to incredible gourmet sandwiches. A lovely variety of food , art, and treats for all to enjoy!

At The Point, you will find a great atmosphere, and great times with friends and family.

Here are some other cool things they have in store..... 
  • Rainbow system children’s playscape in a fenced area
  •  Basketball court with hoop
  • Umbrella covered picnic tables
  • Live music (all ages welcome to play)
  • Karaoke
  • Indoor game room,video games and ping pong tables
  • Big screen television
  • Wi-Fi
  • Jukebox
  • Indoor art space for local artisans to exhibit crafts, photography or art

Looking for more information or interested in being one of the featured vendors? 
Contact Denise at: 210-687-7827