Once a Scrapper, always a Scrapper

Wedding present featuring the couple's childhood

I have been "a scrapper" for years. I got my first book when I was in third grade. ( 1962 ) Yeah, I am that old. We were in Dallas Texas, and in the process of moving to San Antonio. At Church, I had perfect attendance  and I was given a beautiful scrapbook by my Sunday School teacher on my last day there. I remember being so thrilled of getting something "grown-up" looking, but really did not know what to do with it. She had placed a few pictures of the Church, and a group picture of my classmates. She dated it and had everyone sign it and put a little something on the page.I guess it was more of an autograph book then. Later, I used it to put pictures of pets, and of course clippings and articles of  "The Monkees" later when they became popular. I was a charter member of their Fan Club! Along the way of growing up it was lost. I think it went out with my dolls one day when my mother was cleaning house. I vowed never to to that to my kids, and I didn't. Oh, well. But I do remember the colors, the pages were brown Kraft paper and the cover was navy blue. It was a far cry from how scrapbooking / memory books are done now.

I am now a proud modern day scrapper and do albums and specialty pages by custom order. I just recently completed the SDU course from EK Success, in order to teach outside my home and hope to get more people excited in the craft. I also will continue to teach on my own in small groups, I love doing that.

I find inspiration in an event, a collection of colors, a place, the picture itself, or a time in history. I find myself totally immersed in the creations.
I have even had something like an out of body experience! No lie! As I see a book that I created for someone later, and don't remember making it. No, it's not forgetfulness, it's how my vision of the page goes so well with their pictures that were lovingly placed in their prepared "slots", and  the book has taken on a life of it's own! It's just thrilling when I am told, that it has a special place in their home, and it is always shared with visiting friends. That just makes it all for me!