Tonight I made a family favorite of Lemon pepper roasted chicken and decided to make a side dish I used to make for my kids. I had not made this for Joe before, he loved it! 

Take 3 packages of chicken ramen noodles, ( 3 for 3 servings) and lightly break them up before opening their packages. The packages will break open, so don't' take out all of your stress out on them but do pop 'em pretty good. Boil water, add noodles. Keep an eye on them they cook quick! Then drain and keeping in the same pan, add a good bit of butter or margarine, to coat generously. Open 2 of the 3 flavoring packets ( 3 are just too strong) that are for the "soup" and sprinkle on top, then toss and toss and toss, until all the power has melted and distributed all over the noodles. Good stuff ( makes an awesome casserole too) And Soooo CHEAP! I always make 1 package per serving as a guide to how many noodles to make.