Easter Sunday Dinner

We usually try to do a nice ham dinner for Easter, but they were a bit out of our grocery budget this year. BUT, I managed to find a Huge Sunday Roaster for under $6.00! Beautiful in the yellow fat, that makes the flavor of the old time Sunday Chicken Dinners.

I coated, rubbed, massaged that bird in a mixture of garlic powder, garlic salt and cracked pepper. I baked it at 350 degrees for about an hour and  half.

My son and I both like Brussel sprouts, but hubby does not. My pleas to try some, falls on deaf ears, so he got the tail end of my supply of field greens as a salad. 

The Brussel sprouts were a small bag of frozen ones, and those I "micro -steamed" in my Pampered Chef steamer. ( you must keep one of these in your cupboard). 

In the meantime, I made the boxed ( famous blue box - powdered cheese) macaroni and cheese, but added extra butter and a good handful of grated sharp cheddar right at the end.

I wanted something special for our bread, but did not get around to making any yeast breads, so I took those large refrigerated crescent rolls and spread a slight teaspoon of whipped cream cheese on the large end of the triangle and then rolled it with the cream cheese buried inside, baked as usual. These turn out FABULOUS every time!

This beautiful bird filled our plates, filled Tupperware for Hubby's lunch tomorrow, and filled another tub full of huge chunks, that will be my special chicken salad, for tomorrow night's dinner!

The bird= $6.00
mac and cheese $1.25
Brussel Sprouts ( frozen) $1.19
Grand Crescent Rolls ( on sale for $2.00)
Cream cheese was already on hand
Sharp Cheddar was already on hand 

Our Easter dinner was $10.44. with three large servings at dinner, one generous lunch and enough left over to incorporate in another meal for three. So, that figures out to $1.49 a person!

Well this week, is grocery shopping week, so I will be watching the sales, and my budget to see what I can do for my family for their main meal of the day.