Tuesday's Stash

Earlier in the month, I made a massive amount of homemade Lasagna, that we ate and ate, shared with others, and then I even froze 3 huge servings
for a future dinner.

Tonight's dinner, was that Lasagna thawed, warmed in
the oven, and served with garlic butter toast, fresh baby carrots and ranch dressing for dipping. Easy Peasy on the second round.

My pantry and freezer are about clear, and that is what I planned, as this week will be the grocery and provision shopping, that I do 2 times a month. We have a large upright freezer that we invested in and I "bank" sale meats and vegetables, homemade sauces, fruits and anything that I know will make a meal, or contribute to one. This bank allows more choices, and ingredients for meals to last until the next shopping adventure!

So, since I usually shop on these weeks on a Thursday or Friday, as our schedules allow, I will begin on Wednesday to make my list of needed things, and then I will scour the store ads, to give me an idea where to head with the meal planning. I have a re-printable grocery list that is a life saver for sticking to our budget. * this list and other pantry essentials will be my Saturday post this week.

I will plan 14-16 meals and hopefully when I get to the grocery store the prices have not gone up again since I last shopped. This is happening more and more, I plan and then have to substitute, it's okay, I almost always can find a way to stretch that dollar. I do use coupons and yes there is some time needed to coordinate that to the best advantage, but it is so worth it!