Wednesday Night's Supper

Tonight is a upscale indoor pic-a -nic, well kinda! 

I am grilling HEB's All beef smoked sausages in an iron skillet. These will be served in super squishy fresh Chicago style hot dog buns ( the kind with poppy seeds) along with mustard and pickle relish. I have oven fried onion rings going, and carrot sticks to dip in Ranch dressing on the side.

A large package of these sausages were less than $4.00. Onion rings, 2.83, Carrots $1.19 for a bag.

Since we will only use about half of the sausages and the carrots, This dinner will cost about $5.55 for 3 adults, that's a $1.85 a person. 

Do you think I should leave a tip jar on the counter?