It's In The Bank!

Saturday night's dinner consisted of pork chops, pinto beans, and green beans, with soft buttered bread. It took me all of 15 minutes to prepare this and the cost out of my budget, I consider to be $0.00.

How did I do this?
It's was all in the BANK!

Our "bank" is a large upright freezer in our garage. When I make / bake / fry / broil /roast etc. our dinners, I put any left overs in freezer proof tubs and label with a strip of masking tape, written with a black sharpie pen. On these labels I note what I put in, the date, and how many servings. The masking tape will survive the freeze and comes off easily when the tubs are washed.

My trip to "the bank" to withdraw dinner was a tub of 2 large pork chops, a tub of 2 servings of homemade pinto beans, and a tub of green beans ( already buttered and salted). 

I  reheated the pork chops in a iron skillet with a touch of corn oil, and a tight fitting lid. I microwaved the pintos and warmed up the green beans on the stove top. Bread was from the breadbox , that I just cut into half pieces and buttered.Since these were leftovers from a meal that was already deducted from our grocery budget, this meal did not cost anything more!

This full meal was wonderful after a busy day and it was just as amazingly good as it was the first time around.