Sunday BBQ - Sunday Spurs WIN!

We decided a mini BBQ was in order yesterday.
The last game of the first play off round with the San Antonio Spurs was scheduled and well, this is Texas! 

By now, you know I bank meats and other food stretchers in a freezer. I will "put up" sale meats, part of a large family size package etc. to build the bank. 

I keep dried beans (especially pintos) in the pantry, freeze or fresh onions, bell peppers, potatoes, garlic etc.

Yesterday's BBQ in regards to the budget was basically FREE!

Our mini BBQ meats consisted of 4 boneless beef ribs, a link of Turkey sausage,  a  large hunk of skirt steak  (fajitas) and 5 chicken leg quarters. 

Our sides were pintos and smoked steak fries.

This "free" meal made enough leftovers for tonight's dinner too.

Interested in the recipes?  Comment below and I will be glad to share!