Taco Meat Stash

Here is a way to save time and money in food costs and preparation for more than one meal.  And who doesn't want to do that?

Taco Meat Stash

3 lbs. of good ground Chuck meat 5 tablespoons of your favorite Taco Seasoning Blend 1 1/2 tablespoons of ground Comino 1/4 cup of water 2 heaping tablespoons of dried onions (or fresh if you have time) 1 tablespoon brown gravy mix (to thicken the mixture)

In your largest skillet (i.e. chicken fryer) crumble / tear into bits your raw chuck meat into the skillet try to cover the entire bottom with the crumbles, start the pan on a medium high heat. 

As the meat starts to brown and the grease is releasing add your taco seasoning and fold quite a few times. Add the water and fold a few more times. 

Now add the dried onion, Comino and brown gravy mix. As soon as you see that all of the spices have incorporated, turn down the heat to medium low and continue to cook with regular stirs until all of the meat is no longer pink.
Remove from heat and put into a large heat proof bowl (Pyrex Glass is good) and place into the refrigerator to cool.  

Once the mixture is cold, the grease will have congealed. Take a small spoon and break up the now solid grease and dispose. 

Place the desired amount of seasoned meat aside for your tacos, chalupas, nachos or enchiladas etc., for tonight's dinner. 

Divide the remaining meat into freezer bins / tubs and label. (I use regular masking tape and a Sharpie that I write the date and contents)  

Now you have the basis for tonight's dinner and probably 3 more depending on the size of your family and their appetites.